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Located in Rockford, Tennessee, Nisus Corporation is the leading manufacturer of sustainable pest control products used by professional pest companies and also provides sustainable wood preservatives to the railroad, utility and lumber industries. Nisus distributes more than 30 products to 8 different industries in 7 international markets. Nisus’ flagship product is Bora-Care, an EPA-registered borate-based primary termite treatment applied directly to wood, concrete and around foundation penetrations by your pest company during the dried-in phase of construction. It creates a termite barrier, eliminating wood as a food source. Using Bora-Care can also earn builders points in many green building programs. The Bora-Care with Mold-Care is a co-pack of products, and uses Mold-Care to kill existing mold and Bora-Care to inhibit future mold and wood decay fungi growth. During new or remedial construction, a solution is topically applied to all wood surfaces in the structure per the label.

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