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Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.

Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. is committed to be the most valued provider of kitchen, bath, and whole home cabinetry. Today, Wellborn has vastly increased in product selection to include 7 product lines. Our Aspire Cabinetry is a full access frameless brand that includes wood, decorative laminate textured veneers and high and matt gloss acrylic doors supporting an increasing trend of modern design. Our framed cabinetry includes quality wood and MDF doors supporting the designs from traditional to modern, complemented by stains and unlimited paint selections.
Owned by Paul Wellborn and the Wellborn Family, Wellborn manufactures its kitchen and bath cabinets from start to finish at our 2,000,000 square foot facility in Ashland, Alabama. Since 1961, our company is committed to “Made in the USA.”

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