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InOvate performance starts with a smart connection of the dryer with in-wall transition hose protection from the Dryerbox®. Homebuyers can push the dryer further back without the risk of crushing exhaust hose of restricting airflow. In the wall, efficiency is maintained with the Dryer-Ell long-turn elbow that is 500% more airflow efficient than standard elbows. Superior exterior terminations are available for roof and wall applications. The DryerJack takes performance through the roof with a curved damper for airflow efficiency and deep-drawn seamless features for protection. Also deep-draw manufactured is the DryerWallVent. Its clean lines blend in augmenting exterior beauty while providing efficient airflow to vent the dryer. Together, you have intelligent components that prove your commitment to quality and help potential home buyers become more enthusiastic about purchasing a new home.

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